Phone Directory

Pickens County Office Directory


Phone Number

Keith (Booty) Cox - Circuit Clerk 205-367-2050
Agricultural Stabilization/Conservation Office 205-367-8168
Board of Education 205-367-2080
Board of Registrars (Voter Registration) 205-367-2071
Circuit Judge Sam Junkin 205-932-3169
County Commission 205-367-2020
County Cooperative Extension Office 205-367-8148
County Engineer 205-367-2030
County Health Department 205-367-8157
Court Referral (CRO) 205-367-9100
Department of Human Resources (DHR) 205-367-1500
District Attorney Andy Hamlin 205-367-9915
District Judge Lance Bailey 205-367-2076
DPS/Driver's License
NOTE: (First Wednesday of the Month Only)
EMA (Emergency Management) 205-367-2009
Family Resource Center 205-367-9382
Juvenile Probation Office 205-367-2075
Probate Judge David Pate
NOTE: (Auto Tags, Deeds & Marriage Certificates)
Probation Office 205-367-9779
Revenue Commissioner Michelle Kirk 205-367-2040
Sheriff's Dept/Interim Sheriff Chad Harless 205-367-2000
Solid Waste Development 205-367-8912
Veterans Affairs (Jon Dollittle, Sr.)
NOTE: (Tuesdays Only)
Water Authority (County) 205-367-8923