Passport Information


  1. Passport Application, which can be obtained at
  2. Certified copy of birth certificate (must have a raised seal - hospital certificates are not acceptable). Birth certificates are mailed with your application but returned to you with your passport. Birth certificates can be obtained from your local health department. Birth certificate should be long form certificate with parental information. How to obtain an out of state birth certificate
  3. One passport photo. This can be made at any location that handles passport photos. Example: CVS Pharmacy, WalMart, WalGreens, etc.
  4. A check or money order payable to the U.S. Department of State for Passport Fees.
     Passport Fees (Routine Processing)
    -Adults: $130.00
    -Minors: $100.00

     Passport Fees (Expedited Processing)
    -Adults: $207.56
    -Minors: $177.56
  5. Acceptance Agent Fee: Separate check payable to the Circuit Clerk. -$35.00
  6. Driver's License or photo ID.

It takes up to 18 weeks for the National Passport Agency to process your application. Expedited service is 12 weeks. It is recommended that if you are leaving in five months or less, then you expedite your process. This way if the State Department has any problems with your application, you will have time to make the necessary corrections or obtain additional documentation before your trip.

If you have any questions regarding the applications process, please call us at (205) 367-2050. As of February 1, 2004, all passport applicants must appear in person. (Including minors under age 14.) Also, as of 2-1-2008, any minor under the age of 16 requires the consent of both parents.

The above information is for application for a first time adult passport. There are some special rules for children and/or minors so we ask that you contact us ahead of time and let us explain what is required for obtaining their passport. For additional information visit